Don't be an Internet a Wudang Warrior !

New students can join The Cloud Dragon School. There are no beginners courses in place due to changes following the COVID-19 pandemic. There is space available at the regular class sessions, so please come along! Please enquire by calling or texting first to check availability and to book a place. No matter what age, ability or skill-set/background - Tai Chi Chuan is adaptable to suit all.

You should wear loose clothing that is unrestricted and indoor training shoes. Please speak with the school secretary before participating in the class if needing to disclose any injuries, ailments or physical conditions. The course can be adjusted to suit the individuals' capabilities and also to ensure that the training is not too demanding when first joining.

New students will learn basic footwork and steps as part of practising self-defence applications. You will also begin the Short Form which lays down the foundation for correct posture, positioning, angle and timing. Basic self-defence will be taught which may include tasters for weapons depending on the students' character. Conditioning work as part of strengthening exercises may also be taught, depending on the beginners' ability and fitness levels.